The Y LIFT® is an innovative non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that focuses on lifting and enhancing the midface and upper neck areas to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance. The procedure is meticulously tailored to each individual's facial anatomy, resulting in immediate and noticeable improvements in facial contours. Y LIFT® distinguishes itself by its structural volumizing approach, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional facelifts.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care throughout the process, ensuring that clients not only look but also feel confident in their skin. To explore the possibilities of Y LIFT® and experience personalized facial rejuvenation, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled practitioners.

Benefits of Y LIFT

  • Instant Results: Experience immediate improvements in facial contours and a lifted appearance.
  • Minimal Downtime: Resume normal activities shortly after the non-surgical treatment.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy results that can last between 1-3 years.
  • Structural Volumizing: Adds volume strategically to create a natural-looking lift and enhance facial features.
  • Customizable: Treatment is customizable to address individual concerns.
  • FDA approved fillers: VOLUMA XC®, JUVéDERM® & RADIESSE®
  • Suitable for both women and men of ages between 25-80
  • Performed with a specialized instrument created by Dr. Yan Trokel

Common Side Effects of Y LIFT

  • Temporary Swelling: Mild swelling at the injection sites is common but typically resolves within a few days.
  • Bruising: Some individuals may experience bruising at the injection sites, which is usually temporary and can be concealed with makeup.
  • Tenderness: The treated areas may be tender for a short period, but this discomfort is generally minimal.
  • Redness: Temporary redness at the injection sites may occur but typically subsides shortly after the procedure.

What to Expect at Your Y LIFT Appointment

At your Y LIFT appointment, you can expect a carefully tailored and rejuvenating experience. Your provider will create a customized treatment plan, addressing specific areas of concern and tailoring the Y LIFT to your unique facial anatomy.

Y LIFT Maintenance Recommendations

To maintain the optimal results of your Y LIFT treatment, incorporate daily sun protection using a broad-spectrum sunscreen to preserve the effects of the Y LIFT. Follow a healthy skincare regimen recommended by your provider, avoiding harsh products post-treatment. Stay hydrated, maintain a balanced lifestyle, and consider dermatologist-recommended topicals for targeted care. Seek ongoing professional guidance from your provider for personalized recommendations aligned with your unique skin type.

Y LIFT Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule for Y LIFT involves periodic follow-ups with your provider for potential touch-ups. Apply daily sunscreen, maintain a balanced lifestyle, and integrate recommended topicals. Regularly consult your provider for personalized guidance and check-ins to address changes in your skin and ensure continued success with your Y LIFT outcomes.

FAQs about Y LIFT

Y LIFT is a minimally invasive facial contouring procedure that aims to lift and rejuvenate the face by enhancing the cheekbones, under-eye area, and jawline.

Unlike a traditional facelift, which involves surgery, incisions, and downtime, the Y LIFT is minimally invasive and does not require surgery or incisions. It also provides more natural-looking results.

Y LIFT is performed using a specialized instrument called a Y LIFT cannula, which is inserted under the skin to lift and contour the facial tissues. Hyaluronic acid fillers are then injected to add volume and enhance the contours.

Y LIFT is performed under local anesthesia, so patients typically experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Some swelling and bruising may occur after the procedure, but these usually resolve quickly.

Good candidates for Y LIFT are typically individuals who are looking to improve the appearance of sagging skin, loss of volume, or facial asymmetry without undergoing surgery.

How Pinnacle Dermatology Can Help

Experience the transformative benefits of our Y LIFT® Treatment at Pinnacle Dermatology, available at many of our convenient locations. Our trusted providers specialize in creating individualized treatment plans to address your unique facial concerns and enhance your natural beauty. Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled practitioners to explore how the Y LIFT® can rejuvenate and lift your midface and upper neck areas.